Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Research Article by Shweta Kishore on my film Seruppu

Research Article by Shweta Kishore on my film Seruppu, published in Senses of Cinema

"Amudhan RP is best known for his films about caste and social discrimination – Shit (2003) and Notes from the Crematorium (2005) – as well as his trilogy about the anti-nuclear movement in Southern India – Radiation Stories Part I, II and III (2010–12). Based in Chennai, Amudhan is the founder-organiser of the Madurai Film Festival and the Chennai Film Festival on Democracy, and has established an informal network with grassroots people’s groups to screen documentary films beyond the metropolitan circuits"

Follow the link to read the article : Ethics in Indian Social Documentary Film and Practice


era.the Muthu said...

oh happy. best wishes to amudhan

era.the Muthu said...

oh happy .best wishes to amudhan

Marthandam Pillai Raja said...

Yes I know about this mall is very good style in chennai. Last time Aluminium Scaffolding with toy machine is great looking.