Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why do I oppose Koodankulam Nuclear Project?

The historical protest!

One of the leaders!

It needs courage and strength to oppose the Koodankulam nuclear project. When the whole country including the central government, state government, media, politicians, police, court, scientists and the rich of this country want to fill this country with nuclear plants to produce electricity and bombs at any cost, it needs courage and strength to oppose any nuclear plant for that matter.

Why should I oppose the nuclear plant? Do I get anything by protesting it? Will some body give me money? posting? houses? cars? cell phones? what do i get? nothing. Why the hell I oppose?

It is because of my bloody conscience. It is because I have self respect. It is because I think I should fight for the rights of my fellow human beings. The project is commissioned in my name. I consume so much electricity. I will consume electricity. I should know how it is produced, whose life has been sacrificed for it, how prudent I am while consuming it.

It is because I am alive. It is because I am a thinking person. It is because I am rational. It is because I am sensitive.

I question the Koodankulam nuclear project because I am a human being.

Women are in fore front!

To the pro nuclear souls:

I urge all the friends with pro nuclear stand to start following the action at Idinthakarai. Better try to understand and clear your doubts about the anti nuclear movement. I understand many of our friends do not have a clue about the Koodankulam anti nuclear movement. I think it is your responsibility to learn and open up! You can't go on consuming electricity and refuse to understand the Koodankulam movement!


1) Stop believing the media which will be equally against you if you start fighting for your rights
2) Watch out for the outside support the Koodankulam movement gets: who are these people? why do they support the movement? what is their argument?
3) Why the police, politicians, media and scientists who have dubious records are trying to crush the movement? can we trust them completely?
4) Why is it difficult for you to trust common people? why do you think they are liars, cheats, illiterate, and sheep? and who is not a liar, cheat, illiterate and a sheep in your view?

If you believe India is a one country, if you believe in democracy, if you believe fishing community too has a right to live with dignity, you can't live in isolation as if nothing is happening.


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