Friday, July 19, 2013

Seeking support for my feature film!

Dear Friends


I am in the process of making my first feature film "The Riddle". The film is about 3 men and their anxieties about their sexualities.

The film is an independent film.
I am producing the film with the fund I am raising through contributions from individuals and institutions.

I am also raising the money through crowd funding. I would like to request you to contribute to the film financially. You can follow the link given below and contribute using your credit card.

You can pay either 10 USD or 50 USD or 100 USD.

Thank you.

Amudhan R.P.

The Riddle
A film by Amudhan R.P.
75 min; fiction; English & Tamil; 2014; HD; India

Produced and directed by Amudhan R.P.
Camera: Sunny Joseph
Screenplay: Amudhan R.P. & Aniruddhan Vasudevan
Editing: Gopeemohan
Music: Siddharth Kumar
Production Design: Trotsky Maruthu
Art: Jai
Costume Design: Dhatsha Pillai
Production Controller: Charlie

Jointly produced by Cuion Technologies Private Ltd

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Short synopsis:

The film is about 3 men and their sexualities. The three stories are told parallel to each other.

A is a 40 year old man, unmarried, virgin and a frustrated government employee. He had been busy in earning and marrying off his 4 sisters (one eloped) and he did not have time to marry. His sex life revolves around ogling at women in public, flirting with maids, watching porn films and masturbation. When he decides to break his cycle of despair, he becomes an infamous hero.

B is a 20 year old man, a child sex abuse survivor, a good dancer; but a guilt and shame filled college student. Although his girlfriend tries to cheer him up he goes into the cycle of hallucination often. When he faces another adult rape, his girlfriend urges him to retaliate. Meanwhile he starts teaching dance to the boys who work at a graveyard.

C is a 30 year old man, a gay, a garland vendor and a romantic. His love life explodes in public toilets, beaches and cinemas. Although his father continues to oppose his homosexual explorations, C falls in love with a married man. Kanchana, a flower vendor and his friend at the market, makes sure C’s love succeeds.

Director’s Statement:

All the men are not equal. All the masculinities are not either. There are power dynamics and hierarchy among men in terms of caste, race, class, language and success. Men face discrimination, insult and violence from their fellow men. Irrespective of their background all men have pressure to perform well and end up as winners. They are expected to face any critical situation and withstand any amount of pressure. They are not supposed to cry or break down. They have to be masculine enough to fight it out.

But all the men are not masculine enough to win all the time. So many men fall apart. So many men wither away. They fail to succeed. 

The film is about those men who are not masculine enough to fight with other men. But they have their own method to sail through with their persistent efforts.

Some may consider them as losers. Some may consider them as non performers. But they have stories to tell us that are inspiring.

The film will be in English for an all India release! and a world wide release of course!

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