Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Riddle - a film on men!

Why a film on men?

I am making a film on sexuality and the anxieties men have about it. Through the three stories we shall try to understand the various masculinities that operate among men and around men.

The film will give us an opportunity to debate and discuss the various levels of pressure that the men face every day and kind of violence men face from the fellow men. The film will indirectly question the male bonding across the caste, class and linguistic barriers against women.

As more and more women are coming to work in this era of globalisation, as the traditional equations are facing serious threats from the changes, men who have been enjoying the power so far struggle to respond it to it positively.

As we see a steep rise in violence on women in urban centres, it is imperative for us to understand and address the insecurities of "globalised" Indian men; we should be able to connect the sudden increase of acid attacks, rapes, child abuses to the bruised and beaten up men's ego which thrives on false entitlement of power over women.

I am dealing with three stories which will show the inside view of men's world and as a man who wants to work towards gender equality I am trying to betray my tribe by blowing the whistle!

Amudhan R.P.

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