Friday, July 26, 2013

Teaser Launch of The Riddle!

We invite you to

Chennai Monthly Screenings
TEASER LAUNCH for the feature film “The Riddle”

Jointly organised by MARUPAKKAM, Padapetti & Book Point

27 July 2013; 4-8 pm

Book Point (opp. to Spencer Plaza)

Guest speakers:
Prof. A. Marx – writer/activist; Trotsky Maruthu – artist; Rohini – actor/director; Rose – actor/director

The films:

4 pm:
Dir: Ulrike Mothes
64 min;Tamil, Kannada and Urdu with English subtitles; 2012; Documentary; Germany

When the 31 policewomen of Halasuru Gate Women’s Police Station in Bangalore pursue their work, they don’t only accommodate domestic quarrels and dowry conflicts but also defend their authority against accused husbands and fathers in law and discuss the perfect wedding.

2) "This or That Particular Person" 
Dir: Subasri Krishnan
28 min; 2012; English; Documentary; India

This or That Particular Person is a documentary film that examines the relationship between the State, identity and notions of personhood. It locates contemporary debates around the Unique Identity number (UID or Aadhar) within a longer history of identity documents and the different meanings they hold for people. 

Discussion on Aadhar card.
Guest speaker: Prof. A. Marx – writer/activist

6:00 pm
3) Teaser launch for the feature film “The Riddle” by Amudhan R.P.

Trotsky Maruthu – artist
Rohini – actor/director
Rose – actor/director

6:30 pm
4) Wild
Dir: Edward Bishop
12:40 min; 2012; English; UK

WILD is about the unsettling effect of a rumor on a teenage girl.
When Laura hears that her boyfriend, Sam may have cheated on her, it tips her life upside down. She attempts to return it to normal – meeting with Sam to test his feelings for her – but soon realizes that doubt, once seeded, is not so easy to uproot.

6:45 pm
5) Nijam Enga
Dir: Kirubaharan Ambru
3:5 min; Music Video; India 

'Nijam yenge'' is an environmental music video that aims to create awareness among the people about the environmental issues.

7:00 pm
6) Txiki
Dir: Sergio San Martin 
27 min; Spanish with English subtitles; 2012; Documentary; Spain

Txiki is a documentary piece structured around artist Txiki Medina and focused on the creative process of an oil painting. In order to put together his peculiar geometry, the artist takes inspiration from urban spaces and spoilt aspects of Nature, places filled with elements which, rather than sought, have been encountered.

7:30 pm
7) Honey
Dir:Lucero Sanchez Novaro
16 min; Spanish with English subtitles; 2012; Short film; Mexico

Isa and Ana’s strong friendship bond helps them overcome their teenage life--fraught with solitude, confusion, and neglect. When Isa goes through a very painful situation, the two decide to leave the city and take Ana’s baby boy with them.

All are welcome!

Amudhan R.P.
Chennai Monthly Screenings.

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