Saturday, December 3, 2011

Theeviravaadhigal - The making of the film

I made this film in 1998, when I was 27. The whole budget was Rs.25,000/. The film was shot with VHS camcorder barrowed from Santhosh Kumar(Tirussur). I had asked Mr.Chinnaraj Joseph, who was a lecturer then at The American College, Madurai to lend their college owned VHS camera to shoot this film. He declined to give as he thought I was going to make a controversial film.

I collected Rs.5,000/- to meet the shooting expenses. Ilamparuthi, a friend of mine accompanied me. He was from CPI(ML)and he constantly called me apolitical. But he believed in the film some how.

We found out the contact persons of Gundupatti from IDEAS, a research centre run by Jesuits in Madurai.

more to come...

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